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About Me

I am excited and grateful for the opportunity to serve as District Attorney of Nevada County and am seeking to retain the office in the June 2022 election.


I am a career prosecutor, with most of my service spent prosecuting crimes here in Nevada County. I prosecuted some of the most serious cases, focusing on justice for victims and holding those accountable who commit crimes against those most vulnerable in our community.

The main functions of this office will always be to prosecute crimes in accordance with justice, to protect the community, and to provide support to victims.  This office will be a leader in the community and will be proactive in keeping our community safe.  We will continue to implement programs in our schools to teach our youth the importance of making good decisions.  We will pursue and implement evidence-based programs that aim to disrupt the revolving door of incarceration that is associated with repeat offenders. We will work to build a strong reputation within the criminal justice system.


During my tenure as a Deputy District Attorney, I prosecuted some of the most serious cases and built relationships with law enforcement and the defense bar. I established a reputation as a prosecutor with integrity.  My track record shows that I obtain justice, operate fairly and ethically, and do not deviate from those principles in the face of pressure or shifting dynamics.

My career began at the Nevada County District Attorney's office in 2010 as a legal intern while attending McGeorge School of Law. Upon graduating and passing the bar, I was hired as a Deputy District Attorney and served the community for six years. I was awarded Prosecutor of the Year in 2018. I worked in a nearby county for two years and returned to Nevada County in 2021 as the appointed District Attorney.

I live in Nevada County with my wife, Lisa, and our three children. I am deeply invested in ensuring that our community is safe for my family and yours. 

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