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Since becoming the District Attorney in July 2021, I implemented new procedures, assignments, and trainings for the purpose of increasing our office's efficiency, our collaboration with other agencies, and an increased support for victims. We will continue our efforts to further justice and safety in our community. 

Work Accomplished: 

  • Specially assigned attorney to address issues related to Cannabis Compliance and environmental crimes.

  • Specially assigned attorney to address issues related to quality of life crimes and issues surrounding repeat offenders.​

  • Specially assigned attorney to comply with all Public Records Act (PRAs) requests in support of transparency between our office and the public.​

  • Multi-agency task force meetings to improve investigation into crimes against special victims and improve support of those victims and their families.

  • Regular ‘in-house’ trainings for prosecutors in order to support their ability to provide the best service to the community.

  • Trainings with Law Enforcement to foster communication and efficiency between the departments.

  • Procedures to conform with ‘best practices’ associated with the initial intake and investigation associated with sexual assault crimes.

  • Successful implementation of Project Lead, a program aimed at educating the 5th grade youth to the criminal justice system and the importance of making good decisions.

Project Lead 10.6.21 d3.png

Work In Progress: 

  • ‘Blind Charging’ program to eliminate implicit bias or appearance of bias.

  • Citizen’s Academy:  Multi week academy designed to recruit and educate a cross section of members of the public as to the mechanics of the criminal justice system.

  • Developing an ‘Officer Involved Critical Incident’ protocol to ensure professionalism and transparency in cases that involve a ‘critical injury’.

  • Prop 64 relief to proactively work to clear criminal records of eligible members of the community related to minor marijuana offenses.

  • Annual Nevada County Victim Witness Center Art Contest – promote the services and mission of the victim witness unit and raise money for a scholarship which will go to the contest’s winner who will be between the ages of 14-18.

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